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A single hand a foot imprint for a child under 1 year old in a white/pine frame costs £75.

A double hand and foot print for a child under 1 in a white/pine frame costs £100.

You will need to make a separate enquiry for an oak frame.

The price may vary according to the size of the print, as a larger frame may be required.

The prints take 6-8 weeks and we have a wide variety of paint colours available. All of our frames are made to order which is why the process can take longer.

All of our prints are beautiful keepsakes to treasure forever!

Inverse Clay Prints

These prints are the inverse of the clay prints so you can actually see the little fingers and toes coming out of the clay. 

They are available framed only as they are so delicate. They are left unpainted but we chalk around the edges to highlight and define the fingers and toes. We can write a name and age on a plaque if you wish or leave it blank.

Frames are available in white and pine.

For one hand and foot it costs £85 

For a double hand and foot it costs £110 

Family Clay Prints

We also create family clay prints. The costs of these depends on how many prints are required and the size of the clay/frame needed. The price for a white/pine framed print starts from £170.

Clay Prints and Photos

We can make any combination of clay prints with photographs, whether is a single child, siblings or the whole family! Prices are on quotation (depending on the size of the frame which are all made to order) but this size print would cost around £130. You get to choose from a variety of paint colours and whether you want a white or a pine frame. Oak frames are available but do cost slightly more.

Clay Print on a Ribbon

Clay prints hanging on a ribbon cost £50 for one handprint and one footprint. These prints do look really pretty! We can paint them in a variety colours. They take the usual 4-6 weeks. 

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