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"Do we need to bring aprons?"

Nope, the paints are water-based and will wash out of everything (all tried and tested).

"Do you serve food and drinks?"

No we don't serve any food and drinks. You are welcome to bring bits and pieces with you for private events and prosecco evenings. 

"Where's the kiln?"

The kiln is too big and too hot to have on-site. She's a 10-minute drive away.

"How long until we get our pieces back?"

All pieces will be returned to you within 2 weeks (this is subject to change during our busy periods).

"How will we know our pieces are ready?"

We post photographs of all of your masterpieces on our social media pages when they're finished. If you can't spot them, give us a call and we'll double check for you.

Once pieces are posted, you have 3 weeks to collect them. After that, we can no longer take responsibility for them.

"How much is a general drop-in session?"

The price depends on what you choose to paint. The pieces range from £15-£60. Most of the more popular pieces (mugs, plates, bowls, candle holders etc.) are in the £15-£30 range.

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