"Pottery parties for any occasion. We can make your event extra special!"

We specialise in Children’s Parties, Hen Parties, Baby Showers and Adult Evenings. All you need to do is decide how many guests you’d like to invite, choose from our vast selection of pottery pieces and we’ll do the rest!



We love creative birthday parties at Little Willows. They are a great way for the children to enjoy themselves whilst also learning new skills. We offer:


Pottery Painting Parties:

These parties last for 2 hours. The children will spend around 1 hour 15 minutes painting (we are flexible with this time, if the children are older they might prefer to spend more time painting which is absolutely fine) and you will then have 30 minutes to feed them and sing Happy Birthday.

We do not provide catering, so you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Ordering pizzas is very popular, as well as providing each child with their own individual lunch box which contains a sandwich, crisps and a drink. Drinks will need to be in cartons or bottles to avoid spillages and damaging pieces. You are also allowed to bring a birthday cake, but we have found, post-Covid, that cupcakes are easier.

To have a private party with exclusive use of the studio, you will need to have a minimum of 10 painters and the maximum will depend on the age of the children.

The cost is £18 per painter and there is a selection of pottery to choose from, including - plates, mugs, bowls, tea light holders, trinket boxes, money boxes, figurines and more! 

All pieces are glazed and fired, then individually gift wrapped and put into bags with the child's name on it, ready to be collected from our studio. We also do a personalised plate for the birthday child with their hand print and the finger prints of their guests to have as a keepsake! 

Foam Clay Parties:

These parties run for 2 hours. The children will create their pieces for around 1 hour 30 minutes, so the only food required will be small snacks and drinks, but there will be time for a birthday cake. The drinks should be in bottles/cartons and the snacks should only be small and we would recommend cupcakes.

The minimum number of guests for these parties is 10 and it costs £20 per child. The maximum number of guests allowed will depend on the age of the children.

These pieces will be taken home by the children on the day and is only suitable for non-food items, i.e. the children will only be able to use the foam clay on decorative pieces. We will also create a special plate for the birthday child as a keepsake for the day.

Clay Hand-Building Parties:

These parties run for two hours. The children will make the pieces for the first hour, then allow it to dry for 15 minutes, and then spend the rest of the time painting their piece. 

Whilst the piece is drying for 15 minutes, you are welcome to give the children some small snacks and bottles/cartons of drink. Try to avoid anything salty or greasy as it can sometimes react with the paints.

The minimum number of guests required for these parties is 10 and it costs £25 per child. The maximum number of guests will depend on the age of the children.

These pieces will take longer to return to you as they have to be fired twice. But once they are ready, they will be gift wrapped with each child's name on them so they are easy for you to hand out. We will create a special plate for the birthday child also as a keepsake for the day.


Prosecco Evenings:

Who wouldn't want to spend an evening with friends and family painting pottery and nibbling on snacks?

We hold general prosecco evenings every month, exclusively for adults to unleash their inner creativity. 

On our general prosecco evenings, you will book a table for a group of you. If there is 10 or more adults, you can book a separate private prosecco evening which can be held on a different day. The maximum amount of people you can have on a private prosecco evening would be 20 adults.

There is a minimum spend of £25 per person and a £5 deposit will be required for each person, this will be sent to you by a secure link the week before your booking. Any cancellations will need to be made 72 hours prior to the booking. 

The general prosecco evenings are held for 3 hours on Thursdays. The evening takes place from 7-10pm, but this can be altered when booking private prosecco evenings. 

There is a wide range of pottery available to paint. You can have a look at these on our shop. We would also suggest you have a look for some design ideas before your booking on Google or Pinterest.

You will need to bring your own drinks and you are welcome to bring snacks/nibbles also. Try to avoid anything greasy or salty as they will react with the paints. We have prosecco glasses and bowls for you to use. 

Our private prosecco evenings are adaptable and can be altered to suit a variety of occasions, including bridal and baby showers.

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