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Takeaway Kits

Takeaway Kits!

These are a new edition to the studio due to the ever changing restrictions that have been placed on us over the last year but we have decided to keep them on as a permanent feature that will be available whether the studio is allowed customers to come in or not!


Long Weekend Kit

For this type of kit you would choose from our selection of pottery and borrow a set of paints, brushes and paint pallets. This would be for one household and would include everything you need to create a beautiful piece.

This type of takeaway kit would need to be collected on a Friday and returned the following Tuesday giving you plenty of time to paint your piece. We have a limited number of these sets which is why you have a limited time and also allows us ample time to quarantine the returned pieces and sets before we disinfect everything and give it to another customer. 


Take your time kit

This is the kit that allows you to have as long as you need and the easiest way to access this is through our website shop! You can look through our selection of bisque then select up to five colours to paint with and then pay through the website and come and collect you pieces and paints from the studio. This kit does not include paintbrushes or tools purely because we do not know how long you are going to have the kit for and do not want to be running out at the studio!


Seasonal Kits

The seasonal kits we have done so far have been easter kits and christmas kits and these contained decorations and paints that you could take home to paint and return whenever you finished them and was convenient to you. These are much more flexible and will be updated seasonally so keep an eye on our social media for these! 


Non Pottery Kits 

We also have a variety of activity things that can be taken home and done then that are un pottery related like our sequin card kits of which we have a large variety of designs and are able to be purchased in the studio to be taken home. 

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