We are so pleased to say that we are now going to be starting a range of clay workshops for both kids and adults!

Due to current restrictions places for these will be limited so any workshops you are interested in please get in contact with us as soon as you can!


After School Clay Club

After a successful half term and slight lockdown delay our after school clay clubs are able to start up again in the week beginning 6th September!

This will be running for the entire half term and is for ages eight years and older and the children will be making a range of pieces!
The class will not just focus on the decorating of the pieces but the techniques and skill that is needed when building and sculpting the pieces out of the clay and will help to build patience when working on the small delicate pieces of clay. 

We are running it on a few different days and the sessions run for 90 minutes, once a week and are as long as the half term lasts.

If you are interested in more information or want to sign your child up for one of the next terms group please get in contact with us and we will be able to provide any further information for you!


One off Classes 

These will be run as singular sessions where a project will be started off and finished in one session and could range from creating seasonal clay pieces to a new painting technique and these will be for a huge range of ages with classes for both adults and children. We will be releasing the dates for these classes and what each project will be at the beginning of  each month but we may even be adding in extra dates so make sure to check out our social media to keep updated. 


Painting Techniques 

As well as one off classes that show you how to do special techniques we will also be starting to offer a weekly class where each week will be showing you how to use a different type of special glaze/paint to get a whole range of different effects that you would not be able achieve normally. These will be majority be for adults and most projects would only be for one or a couple of the sessions which allows you to pick and choose which projects you are interested in doing! Dates, prices and more information of these will first be put out on social media and then updated on the website so make sure to follow us on facebook or instagram to get the first information. 


Adult Clay Club 

We also are finally beginning our clay clubs for adults commencing in June and they will be happening bi-weekly, one week where you create your clay piece and then two weeks later you will be painting your piece. When we start in June initially our dates are going to be Wednesday and Thursday on the first and third weeks of the month (So the Wednesday group will be on the 9th June and then the 23rd of June and the Thursday group will be the 10th of June and then the 24th). Then for July the dates will be the 30th June and then the 14th of July for the Wednesday group and then for the Thursday it will be the 1st of July and then the 16th. The timings will be in the evenings at 7:30 - 9:30 and prices will be determined when we confirm which project you will be making, so make sure to keep updated on our social media.


As this is claywork it can sometimes be slightly temperamental and as is with all things there is always a risk that things can go wrong and pieces can crack or break during the firing process, if this happens we will do our best to fix any issues that have occurred but we will not be liable for refunds or free replacement sessions in this situation.